3-cappuccino-born-6CAPPUCCINO GRAND CAFE: Sitting in a cafe to enjoy a coffee, ice cream or a soda, can very often be a monotonous experience depending where you go. You will certainly not feel the same if the cafe is the Cappuccino Gran Cafe. The atmosphere and decor of their many premises invites you to relax and watch little by little the menu before choosing. It is without doubt one of the most charming cafes brand in Mallorca! Cappuccino Grand Cafe offers a variety of breakfast, Iced Coffees and teas in addition to the extensive menu of coffees of all kinds. For lunch there are several options, from the elaborate salads (Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Salad, Greek Salad, Pesto Pasta Salad, Rocket&Pear Salad, Monaco Salad, Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken or King Prawns) and sandwiches & Rolls, the visitors can taste the typical ‘Pa amb oli’ (bread, tomato, salt and Majorcan oil) from Majorca, to the Hot Dishes with a selection of starters (Traditional Nachos in two sauces, Miso soup, Spanish ‘gazpacho’, Warm cream of pumpkin and carrot soup, etc.). And second courses (Home-Made Hamburger, Chicken Yakitori or Tikka Masale, Beef Carpaccio, Fresh Pasta, Vegetarian Noodles, Grilled Vegetable Platter, etc.). For dessert, the most famous pastry cook in England, Annie Bell, makes the new Cappuccino Cakes (Carrot Cake, Apple Cake, Caramel&Banana Cake, Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Chessecake). Cappuccino also offers other desserts: Croissant, Muffin, Chocolate Muffin, Special Cappuccino Tiramisú, etc. And typical desserts of Majorca: ‘Ensaimada’ and Majorcan Almond Sponge (Cake with Almond Ice-Cream) and homemade ice cream and milkshakes made to the range of the establishment. In addition, the fresh juices, one hundred percent natural (Bubbling Lollypop Drink for kids, Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice, Fresh Orange and Carrot Juice, Fresh Strawberries & Banana & Orange Juice, Apple Juice with Bubbles). The Cappuccino cocktail menu ranges from classics like the Piña Colada, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, the Mojito, the Caipirinha and the Strawberry Daiquiri to the very personal ‘Japanese Mandarin Caipirinha’, ‘Fly me to the moon’, ‘Let’s get lost’ and ‘Mojito de palo’ among others. And all of the cocktails on the menu can be made without alcohol, tovalencia105o.

From half past seven in the morning until the early hours, Cappuccino Grand Café offer a range of gastronomy with no secrets, simple yet delicious, served in incomparable settings, with a perfect service. The Cappuccino decoration is the sublimation of the exquisiteness. Some of them are designed by Michael Smith, decorator to the stars of Hollywood (he has decorated the homes of Cindy Crawford, Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney, among others, as well as the White House at the request of the Obama family). All the establishmentshave been created for become magical places to discover. Since opening in 2003 in the select Puerto Portals, the managers of the Tahini sushi Bar & restaurant were quite clear about one thing: it is impossible to have a Japanese restaurant without travelling to Japan constantly. Since then the owners and the chef have travelled to the Asian country every year for ten days with the idea of increasing their understanding of the customs, spaces, decoration and food that make eating in a Japanese restaurant a marvelous experience. During the days they spend in Japan, the chef of the Tahini works intensively in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the country. What the Tahini’s chef (who has also worked in the best restaurants with Michelin stars in Spain) learns there is extremely valuable as he can then offer it to the customers of the restaurant in Puerto Portals.

The fundamental secret of Japanese food (and that of the Tahini) is to do the four or five basic things, but do them fantastically well: selecting the fish, cutting it, boiling the rice to precisely the right degree, the pressure of the nigiri, the touch of vinegar… a whole world in itself. In all other respects, the Tahini could easily be a Tokyo restaurant and please the most epicurean Japanese customer. Cosmopolitan, Elegant, well-it, with an international touch but a Japanese base, made to last over time, a restaurant that will look new in 50 years, as though it had just opened. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no celebrity worth his or her salt who visits Mallorca who does not go to the Tahini for dinner.

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